Thinking about ways
to invest your money?

We like turn key rental properties, where you immediately
can start cash flowing to recover your invested money.

How a Turnkey Property Is Used to Generate Revenue.

The purchase of a turnkey property generally gives the buyer opportunity to immediately make it available for tenants. By acquiring real estate that requires little to no refurbishment, the intent is to quickly generate revenue through renting the property as quickly as possible. The extent of the work necessary to bring a residence to turnkey status can include minor interior or exterior work. The shorter the turnaround to rent the property, the faster the new buyer may start seeing a return on their investment. We have been identifying and purchasing turn key properties for years. Let our team help you go through the process to determine if a property helps you with your investment goals. We will help you understand cash on cash recovery, cap rate, rental rates, and the area in which you invest in (whether you live out of state or local). With over $90 million in assets managed we are confident we can assist you as well.